Has Covid 19 Affected You?

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As I sit here this evening, I have actually been thinking about this for weeks.  Wondering how many people have been affected by the Covid 19?  Not because you had it, but has it affected you emotionally, or mentally, and physically!

Breaking it Down

Breaking Things

Emotionally! This is a big one.  I know for some people it has affected them emotionally, as they have been laid off from their jobs, some have lost jobs.  They worry how they are going to feed their family, pay bills, will they loose there home?  Some people have anxiety, wondering if they will get the Covid 19.

All the people who have lost a loved one during this time, they couldn’t grieve with their friends and family.  Some just had grave side services, and were only allowed 10 people there.  They couldn’t hug one another, and comfort each other.  Not only have they lost a loved one, now they can’t be comforted by loved ones.


Working out

How many of us enjoyed going to the gym, working on our mind, and on our health.  Then the decision was made that all gyms had to close.  For me that was hard for me to accept.  Now how was I going to calm my mind after a stressful day of work?  How was I going to keep going on the treadmill mill?

I knew I didn’t have a treadmill at home, so I would have to figure something out for me to keep walking.  Lifting weights, I only had so many at home, but not all of the correct equipment.  I would improvise.  But I was lucky, the gym that I go to decided to rent out equipment during the time that they were closed.  Zephyr’s!  Check out Www.zephyrs24.com  I was so thankful that they thought outside of the box for their members.

Then I began thinking how many members were starting to fail in there workouts?  I know I was.  Days that it was too cold, I didn’t go out and walk.  I missed the atmosphere, and I’m sure I was not the only one!  I am thankful for Zephyr’s for sending emails out and checking up on members of the gym.  The owner Mike Jarrett will ask you when he see’s you ”how are you doing?”  He listens to your concerns, and is an all around nice guy.  His daughter Lexi Nussbaum is the manager at Zephyr’s, and she will go out of her way to help you if you need help.

Going Back to the Gym

more gym

So when the time came to go back to the gym, I was hesitant to go at first.  I had a lot of what if''s!  But I made that first step!  Wasn't so hard.  My mile walk didn't go so well. But I did it!  

I keep going back, as the gym begins to return to normal.  Not really, since the State does have guide lines on them.  So I'm thankful that the gyms  are open once again.


Stay Positive

I'm not sure where to begin with this one.   So many people have lost their jobs, marriages, and savings.  All because of the Covid 19.  I sometimes wonder if people will recover.

The thing that has kept me going, is reconnecting with my cousin Rhonda.  We have had so many awesome talks.  She has shared recipes with me from our mawmaw.  I even have recipes in my mawmaws hand writing.

Spending time talking to family members, and sharing memories.  The bible has helped me get through this.  Even on my darkest day, the Bible has gotten me through.  I'm thankful for my faith.

My husband has been my rock through it all.  He has helped me get through.  I have my crafting to get me through.  I have been making cards, and sewing mask, and making banners.  Watching a lot of Netflix, and navigating through Disney Plus.

Finding Peace


Trying to find peace during this whole pandemic, and hearing everyone telling us that their will be the new normal.  Some places we have to wear a mask or you can't go in.  I am so thankful to the person that bought a meat bundle from 3D meats and gave it to Ray and I.  I don't know this person, but I say a prayer and thank them every time I cook meat.

So I will leave you with this one thought.  Please be kind to one another, and love one another.  Show respect to each other.

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