Sorry for the Hiatus

I know it has been a while since I have posted.  So many things have been happening in my life since Covid hit in March of 2020.

Breaking my wrist in July of 2020, to loosing my mom in the same month.  Then a month later falling and breaking my thumb.  To loosing my Aunt Virginia in November.  In December I had surgery to repair a peck muscle that I had torn, and also repairing my Rotator Cuff, right before Christmas.  I started 2021 with getting Covid myself.  I knew there was something missing in my life, and I needed to figure out what that was.

Finding What I lost

I knew what I was missing, but I needed to take the leap of faith, and face it head on.  After spending the last 2 weeks with my mom before she passed away.  I knew what I needed.  I needed God back in control of my life.  So I let that happen.  Of course we couldn’t go to church because of Covid, so church was through Zoom.

Loundale Nazarene Church

My grandfather preached at Loundale Nazarene Church. Going back to hear Pastor Chuck Pennington preach. Made a difference in my life  I did watch Loudondale via Facebook all through COVID. 

Loosing a Mother

I can remember watching my mother as she passed from this earth into Heaven’s Gate. One of the last things my mother said, is she smelled Frankincense. She passed peacefully on July 28, 2020.

This was the last time I held my mother's hand. This was a hard loss for me, I kept wondering what I could have done so that she would still be with us here today.  But knowing that she is in heaven does give me some peace.  I am thankful that she is no longer in pain.

Living Life without my Mom

We laid my mom to rest August 1, 2020.  I knew I had to learn to move on.  That was not easy for me.  I still have days that I want to pick up the phone and call her, just to ask her a question about a recipe.  Or just to hear her voice.

I know God has me, and he will help me grieve in the way that I need to.

I will leave you with this thought.  When you only see one set of foot prints, know that God is carrying you through.  He has you in his hand.

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