Stay at Home Order

Sunset II

March 23, 2020

So we received noticed that we needed to stay at home, because of the Covid 19 Virus.  My husband was on vacation when the order came through.  My last day of work was on March 22, 2020.  I haven't been back, and I haven't received any paychecks.

We had been informed that we had been exposed to the Covid 19.  So we stayed away from my mother-in-law, and others in case we would get it.  After we were allowed out of the house, I did go get groceries, I was kinda scared to go out.

Phone Call

I received a phone call from my niece Amy Hilty.  She told me that she had a present for me.  So I stopped at The Cheese Shoppe, thinking to myself that she had made a meat and cheese tray or something.  But I was wrong. An anonymous donor had donated to Ray and I two boxes of meat.  I'm not sure who gave us this box, but all I could do was cry.  I was so grateful and blessed.  This person did not know how much this meant to us.  As we were down to our last 2 packages of meat.  With me not having a paycheck anymore, our budget was chopped in half..  So our groceries were going to be limited.

When I came home and told Raymond what I had in the car, he cried also.  I told Amy to please thank whoever gave us this box thank you.  I still can't thank them enough.


My Normal Routine Changes

What is normal?  I ask myself this question all the time.  Right now my normal is, I don't have one.  Raymond's work schedule has changed.  They have slit the crew in half.  So one week he  doesn't work, the second week he only goes into work the days that he is on call.  If he is on call on the weekend, he doesn't go in.  

We haven't been able to go to the gym.  So Raymond dug out his old bench and weights, and set them up.  So at least he has a place to work out in the basement.  He decided to build a wooden thing to catch the bar if it slips he won't get hurt.  Thanks to Zephr's Gym for renting equipment to us. Check out their gym  I can't wait until they open back up!  Not the same at home.


Neighbors Lost Dog

Raymond was on call April 30, 2020  I normally don't like when he is on call.  Trust me I don't like when he is on call at night.  Raymond was called out that Thursday night around 10:30 pm.  I went to bed, and something woke me up at 3:00 am, so I got up to look around and couldn't find anything, however our our motion light turned on.  I can't lie I was a little bit scared, cause it was an unusual noise.

Someone on facebook sent me a notice that a dog was missing in our neighborhood.  So I started watching out for this dog.  On Friday I had someone stop at the house to ask me if I had seen the dog.  "Murphy" that is his name.  I told them the story about being woke up at 3:00 am in the morning and our motion light. 

Murphyy is Still Missing

I kept looking every time I heard a noise, I thought it was Murphy.  But no such luck. Murphy's human mom Sara stopped at our house.  She was devistated that Murphy was missing.  I talked to her for a little while, telling her the story about being woke up at 3:00 am and the motion light.  But had no clue what woke me up.  I told Sara I would keep looking.  Cause I was a dog lover also.  I know that I would be racked with grief if I had a dog that was missing.

Sunday I went out on the 4 wheeler looking in our woods, calling and walking and looking for Murphy.  I spent about 2 hours looking. I was so sad, cause I wasn't able to find Murphy.  My husband and I drove around to see if we could see him laying in a ditch or something.

Daily Updates on Murphy

We received daily updates on Murphy, and most of our neighbor hood had been looking for Murphy.  Sara received an a letter in the mail from someone that they had shot the dog.  Sara let us all know on facebook what had happened.  Sara asked that we all forgive this person.  My heart just breaks for Sara and her family.

I am trying my hardest to forgive the person that killed Murphy.  I know it will take time to forgive them.  I pray that Sara and her family find healing, and forgiveness.  Murphy may your rest in peace and run free, now that you have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.  My Maggie will be waiting for you to play with.

Staying Home

So as I find my new normal in life, which by the way I still havent found my new normal.  I did learn to make a banner out of material, that I am going to put up in my outdoor area this summer.  I'm looking into setting up an Etsy account, and make Knitted Puppets, Banner Flags, Homemade Cards.  So I need to get some made a head of time so that I am ready.

In Conclusion

So as I finish this post, I will keep you updated on what is going to happen next in my life.  I hope everyone stays healthy, as we begin to reopen Ohio. Remember that not everone is ready to venture out into the world to go out to eat, or shop.  So please be mindful of those who are anxious about all of this.  Be nice to those that are working and doing their jobs.  Patience will go a long way.  Love to all that is reading this.  Looking forward to warmer weather, and bonfires.

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