April 20, 2020, what were you doing?

July 4th Parade

It all Started With a Kiss

Raymond and I were married April 20, 2000, on the Thursday before Good Friday.  It was a beautiful 80 degree sunshine day!  We headed to Cricket Hill Cabins to spend the night.  We decided to head to Walnut Creek for supper, and on our way back to the cabin, I noticed that the sky was an erie green color.

Sitting on The Couch

So as we were sitting on the couch watching the fire in the fire place, and talking.  Having a good time. We heard the thunder, and the rain.  It wasn't too long after that, that the rain and hail started coming down.  We heard what sounded like a freight train.  We felt the cabin start to shake, and the power had gone out.  I was scared.  Raymond was very calm.  The owners came and knocked on the door, to make sure that we were ok.  That's when we found out that a tornado hit just a mile away.  At that time we decided that if we could survive a tornado, we could survive anything.

Post It

I Love Post It Notes

When you find these post-it-notes on the counter, in your packed lunched.  It just makes your day!  I always look forward to finding these little notes..  So always remember that when you have been married for years, still leave these little notes so that your spouse know that you still love them.


Support Your Spouse

Know matter what hobbies or career paths that your spouse chooses.  Support them.  Be the cheerleader!  Try to learn what they like, so that you can enjoy what they do also.  It makes for a better relationship.  Just remember you will have bumps in the road in your marriage, but you can always work through them.

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