Through the Years


I’m not sure how old I was in this picture.  But I kinda remember this outfit.  From what I can remember growing up, I always has someone to play with.  I am the youngest of 7 kids.  Steve is the oldest, and he was the calm one, and enjoyed looking at the stars.  Dave next to oldest, and he was the one that was the ornery one, always into something.  Cheryl is the third child, she was the run that had all the friends.  Tammy was the fourth child, and she was the one that always made sure all the house chores were done.  Then Jeff the fifth child, he was the athletic one.  Then came Cathy she was the sixth child, she was the one that always had her nose in a book.  Then me Teresa, the youngest. I was the one that wanted to be where everybody else was.


Growing Up

I think this was my first grade picture.  But let me go back to my Kindergarten year. I went to Apple Creek School.  I remember I loved going to school back then.  Then one evening I can remember having on my pink dress.  My brother Dave had been playing with a sling shot, and I wanted to play with it.  Well he laid it down on the cabinet.  So I opened up the cupboard door, and climbed up, and then I fell.  Cutting my left leg wide open.  I can remember hearing my mom scream, and my dad scooping me up and rushing out the door to the ER.  My mom and dad stayed with me while I got stitches.  A lot of them.  After my ER visit, I can remember going with my mom and dad taking me to the bowling alley as they bowled.  I got to eat pretzels and drink sprite.

Christmas in the Apple Creek House


From left to right starting in the back:  Steve, Cheryl, Dave.  Next row:  My Cousin Sonya, Jeff, Tammy.  Front Row:  Teresa (me) Cathy and my Cousin Rhonda.  I can always remember having the best Christmas ever.  My dad loved Christmas!  So he would make it fun.  I can remember one year and us kids snuck down stairs at 5:00 am, and my sister Cathy got a Baby Go Bye-bye, and she pushed the button and it started making noises, and my dad laughing yelled at us to go back to bed.  Somehow I ended up in the closet.  I can remember my dad getting me out.  And we had Christmas.



This is when we lived in Apple Creek, and it was snowing, and we made a big snow ball, and Steve put me on top of the giant snow ball and took my picture.  I see that I have my gloves on backwards.  The hat I have one, is one that my mom made for me.  All I remember is standing on the snow ball.  I wish I could remember more about the snow.  I think that this was 1969.  I can barley remember the flood of 69, but I can just remember all the water.

Geauga Lake

Geauga Lake

From left to right:  Cousin Sonya, Teresa (me) Jeff, Geauga Dog, cousin Thonda, Cathy in the back Tammy.  With mom working at Rubbermaid, every summer we got to go to Geauga Lake.  We always had so much fun when we went.  My mom would make a whole bunch of food, and we would sit under the Rubbermaid Pavilion.  So much fun, having fun riding all the rides, and playing games, and just having fun.  I can remember riding the water log ride, just to get wet.  Driving the old time cars, and then when I was old enough riding the Double Loop!

Barbie Plane

The Barbie Plane

I can remember I was so excited to get this Barbie Plane, and I had gotten the Sunshine Family with their camper!  That was a Christmas I remember well.  We were living just outside of Orrville in an old farmhouse.  That year I also had gotten a winter coat.  In this picture I am with my Cousin Rhonda playing.

Another thing about this house, I can remember gettin coal delivered, and we would have to put it down the shoot to get it into the basement.  I can remember getting filthy dirty doing it.  That is how we heated our house.  I went to Orrville City Schools not for the whole school year, I had gone to North Elementary School.  I can remember my school friend was Jennifer Butzer.  We moved to Kidron.


Moving to Kidron

We moved to Kidron when I was in second grade.  I remember getting sick in February or March, and I went to the Dunlap Hospital and I was there for a long time.  It took the doctors a long time to figure out what was wrong.  And it took many years after to realize that I had Kawasaki disease.  I can remember I didn’t want to eat, and I was loosing weight.  My brother Steve and his then girlfriend Phyllis (now his wife) would bring me milkshakes and I would drink those.  I never went back to school that year, instead I did my school work at home.

We had a large Weeping Willow tree in our front yard, and I can remember swinging on the branches, playing in the barn.  I can remember our old wooden screen door, it always had a small hole where out cats would try to jump in.  I loved having cats & kitties growing up.  I loved spending time with the Kittens. It seamed like we had a dog also.  We went through a lot of dogs, either they ran away.  I can remember one dog we had got hit, and my brother conVince my mom to take the dog to the vet.  He had a broken leg, and had lost an eye.  I was scared of him when he first came home.

One day he got out of the house and ran away.  After that we didn’t have too many dogs.  I loved growing up in Kidron.  We always had a community night at the park, and I remember winning a mallet!  I might have been 8?  Then in August was the Kidron Chicken BBQ, we would get a meal, and they had pony rides.  The big attraction was the dunk tank!  People would stay until 11:00 pm and we loved the dunk tank.

Broken tree

Third Grade the Best!

Mrs. Ruth Amstutz!  What can I say?  I loved her as my teacher.  This is the year we got to make a Paper Mache Globe, and paint it all blue, then paint all of the continents.  Then she would tell us a story about a hobo that lived in the woods.  So one day we walked back into the woods and we got to see the old shack.  Such wonderful memories.  The Kidron Fire Department came to school one day, and taught us about fires, and we were allowed to try on the fire gear.  We knew the next year we were moving over to the other side of school and the big play ground!

Mrs. Lehman was our fifth grade teacher, and that is when we got to pick an instrument to play.  I chose the trombone, cause that was the only instrument we had at home.  My oldest brother played it.  This was the year that we were learning about others, and what category you would fall into for the rest of your years.  If you were going to be in with the popular kids, or if you were going to be a nobody.

My 6th grade year we were playing kick the can, but we had to use a ball.  I was playing on the double bars hanging upside down, and I let my hands go and I was just swinging by my legs.  I’m sure you can guess what happened next.  My head hit the bar and cut it open.  The school called Kidron Squad to come and get me.  My Mama (grandmother) was at our house, because my mom was in the hospital.  So away I went on my first squad ride.  I received 4 stitches in my head.  They let me go and see my mom.  Then I remember the squad brought me home.  I didn’t have anyone to pick me up.  And trust me that wouldn’t be the last time Kidron Squad picked me up! Lol

This is All for Now

I will finish by saying my 6th grade year us country kids got to meet the city kids.  If you were from Kidron you were a country kid, and if you were from Dalton you were a. City kid.  I hope you are enjoying my blog.  Feel free to comment if you want.

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