Home for 3 Days Now

As we have been home for 3 days, it seems like forever.  Trying to stay busy, but it’s hard to do.  At least I have some hobbies to do to keep my busy.  But my husband on the other hand, is a whole other story


Married Almost 20 Years!

Coming up in April Raymond and I will be married 20 years on the 20th of April. We had to cancel our plans that we had due to the Virus that is going around.  I’m sad not being able to get away.  But I’m sure we will try and do something here at home.

Technology is Getting us Through

Thankful that we have IPads and Iphones so that we can facetime with family and friends to stay in touch.  Funny story I FaceTimed my mom, and she holds the phone up to her ear, and all you see is her ear!  Trying to tell her to hold it out front so that we can see her.  But when your parents are in their 80’s, what do you do?



This picture was taken in the summer of 69 maybe.  I can remember it.  My mom Betty is in front.  Cathy is behind mom on the right.  An me in the red and black striped shirt.  I think I might have been 5 at the time.  I can remember my dad had come home from being on the road with Halliburton and I was so excited to see him.  And we got to take this picture in front of his truck.  Actually Cathy and I were standing on the bumper.  We lived in Apple Creek at that time.

Mom and I

Senior Year, Senior Night for Basketball

This picture was taken in 1983 of Mom & I at Senior night for basketball season.  Look how young I was.  I like this picture this is one of few pictures that I have of mom and myself.  So it is special to me. Look at my hair style and glasses!  What was I thinking?  I guess that was just the style back in 1983!  And no I am not going back to that hairstyle! Or glasses.  LOL



I took this picture one summer, and it reminds me of happiness.  So I am looking forward to happiness once this Covid 19 passes.  I pray that we all make it through this rough time.  That thins will go back to normal, what ever normal is.  I hope things go back to the way they were.  But I know thins in this world will never be the same again.

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