Hanging On and Letting Go

When do you know to let go?  When do you know when to keep hanging on?  One Sunday this was our message at church.   "Letting Go".  I know it is better to let go, and move on.  Sometimes though it is hard to let go.  

So Let’s Talk About Letting Go

I have learned to let go.  I have let numerous things in my life go.  None of them were easy to do.  But I did it.  I won’t lie, it has been one of the hardest things I have done in my life.  I have learned that when you let go, their may be no going back.  I think I am willing to deal with it.  Or learn to deal with my choice.

My Biggest Letting Go

I can say when I let something go recently.  I had held on to something for a long time.  Well this year I decided to let go.  And the response I got from this person that I had such anger, and resentment towards, when I let it go; I felt relief.

I’ll tell you the response that I got from this person.  This person was looking for a certain cook book.  So I got on Amazon and found this book, and I bought it for her.  I had this book sent to her.  I did not expect anything in return. She posted on social media the following.  And I will quote her.

”I’ve been trying to put this into words for a few days now... I was gifted a wonderful book by someone who I never in a a million years thought would ever do something like this....we have a history an I will leave it at that.  But...it happened.  I’m shocked...humbled and feeling blessed that God is working and this is a sign that when you pray over people in your life.  He works and it gives me hope for the many other people I am praying for that they are receptive to his call as well....I will be returning the love to another person in need.  God is truly working to those that earnestly seek him.”

I felt when I saw that this person was looking for this book, something came to me and told me to get it and give it to this person.  I knew when I did that I was letting go of the history that we had together.  But I know now that I felt so much better after I let go.  I think that sometimes I just needed to let go.

I will tell one more story of letting go.

There was someone that I knew, and this person passed away. I knew this was hard on his wife, as they had been married a long time.  And again I had history with this couple, and I had always felt like they never treated me to good. So I thought I needed to let go.  I ordered a meat and cheese tray, and I thought I would take this tray to the family.  When I dropped it off, some of the family was there, and his wife told me “I never thought in a million years that you would do something like this.”  At first I was taken back by that statement.  She must have thought I was a horrible person.  

But I let go of those feelings.  I am at peace with this whole situation.  I can tell that this particular person has not let go.  I wish her well.

Looking Forward to Summer

Last year I had outdoor lights put up, and I had a small fire pit, my hammock.  This year I am going to add more lights to incorporate the tree.  When I sit outside in my area, I feel peace and tranquility.  I think it is looking at the fire, and just letting it all go. 

This winter I didn't have this area to go to, so this is why I am blogging.  It does really help me.  I am finding myself, and finding my peace.  It may take me a while to find my peace.  But I will find it.

As you have noticed this post has mainly pictures of nature, sunrise, sunsets, and my little fox who found my outdoor camera.  Stay tuned for more.

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