Taking Fun Trips

In the past couple of years I have taken a few fun trips.  September of 2018, a friend and I headed to Sarasota Florida.  Our plane trip went great, then when we landed in Tampa, and pick up our rental can, we ended up with a White 2018 Mustang Convertible.


Boy that was an awesome car to drive.  We had about an hour to Sarasota.  We had the top down, and the tunes cranked.  Trust me it was an awesome car.

Hanging Out at the Pool

When we got there Saturday, we headed out to Walmart to get our food and our supplies.  Then it was back to where we were staying, and it was pool time!  Destiny jumped in, we spent all day Saturday just hanging out.

Disney World Here we Come!

Destiny & I

Sunday morning we headed to Orlando, which was a 2 hour drive.  Destiny was excited to go, as she had never been there.  We arrived, and a lot of fun was had all day.  Towards afternoon we went to our hotel to change clothes, so we could cool off and go back for the Disney Halloween Party!

When we got back to Disney, we headed to ride rides.  We rode so many different rides, and had out pictures taken with different Disney Princesse.  It started to rain, so we didn’t get to see the whole Hocus Pocus show, they weren’t sure that the fireworks would go off either.  They had a special parade at midnight, with a Headless Horseman.  By the time we got back to our hotel, we were tired.

After a good night sleep we headed back to Sarasota.  Monday we spent the day hanging out at the pool and having fun.  In the evening we went out Siesta Key Beach, but we couldn’t enjoy because of the Red Tide.  It really smelled bad at the beach. We did get some sunset pictures.

Morning Sunrise

This was our morning Sunrise the day we left Florida.  The sky looked like it was on fire!  It was beautiful to see.  I am so glad that we got to see it.

We stayed until Wednesday and we had to head back to Ohio, where it was raining for most of the week.  So we left Florida and it was 90 degrees, and we came home to like 60 degree weather.  I can say this was an awesome vacation to take.  Many memories were made, and fun was had by all.

My Second Trip to Sarasota

Me at the Beach

April 2019, an Amish family that I know was headed to Florida and I had told Wilma I was going to climb in her luggage and head so to Florida with them.  Well the day that they were supposed to leave, their driver ended up going to the hospital, so they weren’t sure now that they were going to get to go to Florida.

Well they asked if I would be willing to take them.  So I went.  It was fun starting out with all of them.  But I think by the time I got to 71 everyone was sound asleep but me.  It started raining when I got into Kentucky, and it didn’t stop until we got to Tampa.

We left on a Friday evening, and arrived on Saturday afternoon.  We got the van unloaded, and the trailer unloaded.  Then we headed out to Walmart to get our groceries.  Kinda of a theme, when you get to Sarasota, you head to Walmart. Lol.  We got in on Saturday and I left on Wednesday to come home.  

We had so much fun while we were in Florida, spent a lot of time out at the pool, and getting sun.  Having water fights, which they normally started early in the day.  We ate very well while we were down their.

I Went back in May 2019

I went back to Sarasota in May of 2019.  I can tell you this was the worse trip ever.  I ended up with Strep Throat, and had to go the Urgent care.  My friend that went with me, didn’t enjoy herself at all.

Going to The Beach

I did spent a lot of time out at the beach, and came home with a wonderful tan. I went to go to the beach on Saturday, and I drove around the parking lot for an hour not finding a parking lot, so I went back to the house, and stayed at the pool.  We came home, as my friend didn’t want to stay any longer.  So we came home.

I enjoy going to the beach, and I hope to go back this year, but I'm not sure if that is in the plan or not.  I will just have to wait and see.