Having Friends

Does anyone know what the definition of a friend is?  Well according to the dictionary is means:  "A person whom one knows and with whom now has a bond of mutual affection".

Do you Have a True Friend?

July 4th Parade

My husband is my true friend.  Their isn't anything that I can't tell him.  This year in April we will be celebrating 20 years as husband and wife!  I wouldn't trade it for anything.

He has been the one true consistent friend in my life.  I know we have been through a lot, but we have come through it all, together.

Fun Times With My Friends


So this is Lindsey.  And I can remember when this picture was taken.  We had got canoeing.  And I can say I laughed so hard on this trip.  Lindsey popped 2 tubes.  I'll tell the story we were all tied together, and Lindsey ran into a stick, and popped her tube.  So going down the river Sierra lost her shoe.  Then Sierra lost her phone at the bottom of the river, and we couldn't find it.  Next thing that happened.  Lindsey popped another tube.

So we finally got over on an island and called and asked them to bring us another tube.  We had to wait, but they showed up with a tube for us.  so we went on our way.  We had so many laughs, until we cried.  Fun was had by all, and this is a memory that will stick with me forever.

Friends that Goes on Trips 

Vegas Trip

So we went to Vegas in 2016.  This was a fun trip to take.  We flew out of Columbus, and this was Destiny's first time flying.  Our flight was delayed due to weather.  Mind you we went in October.

We finally got off the ground, and landed in Vegas just before midnight there time.  We were all tired.  Bus as we picked up our luggage, Their was a guy holding up a sign with my name on it.  We had a limo ride to The Paris Casino.

We got checked in, and went to our room, as we were dead tired from the time change, and flying.  We wanted to get a good night sleep so we could start the next day off having fun,

I do believe the next day after breakfast we went out site seeing.  And what a shock.  I have been to Vegas before, but this time I was seeing through different eyes.  We took the pink jeep tour out to the Hoover Dam, and got to take a boat ride on the Colorado River, and we listened to the history of the building of the Dam.

It was hot out that day, after the Dam tour we headed back into Vegas, but we had stopped at a park to see these Goats or Sheep I can't remember that come down out of the mountains.

When we got back to the casino we changed, and went swimming.  In October we were swimming!  I did get a nice tan while I was out there.  That Friday evening we didn't do a whole lot, except walk around.

Saturday Filled with Fun

Coca Cola Bear

We went to Coca Cola and M&M World.  We had fun taking pictures with the Coca Cola bear, and took photo's in a photo booth.

We went over to the Hershey Chocolate store, and bought candy.  I bought a. bear the had Reese on it.  That is my mom's maiden name.  But I loved the Bear.  We road the Bus system, and that was a trip and a half.

After all of that we went swimming again in the afternoon.  That evening we went and rode the big Farris Wheel, and it was awesome.  When we go to the top, you could see everything.  

Zip Lining

Zip Lining

So we hopped on a bus and went to Old Vegas, and we decided to go Zip Lining.  I think you could hear us screaming as we went over everyone's head.

On our way back to the Casino, we had the best bust driver ever.  One person in our group was playing Pokemon and the bus driver saw her, and was making fun of her.  Then again he made fun of everyone.  Which made it so much fun.

Last Day in Vegas

We walked around all the little stands that were set up,  Went swimming one last time.  Oh yea we went back to Coca Cola World for a shirt.  We had dinner together as a group, and I think everyone but me gambled.  Our flight didn't leave until Midnight, and we landed back in Columbus about 7:00 am.

I can say I had fun on this trip, I had only one melt down the day that we went to the Hoover Dam, I was missing my husband something terrible.  I can remember calling him crying.  I had forgotten what it was like to be gone from him for the long.

Cousin Fun

October 2019 my cousin Rhonda was home from Florida, and my Aunt Sissy and Uncle Larry.  They were all staying in Amish Country.  So I went down for the day to spend with my cousins,  I don't get to see her the much.  When I got their, my Aunt was in the craft room.  I helped the ladies from her church make tie blankets for the homeless.  I had a lot of fun spending time with her.  

My Uncle Larry came and found us, and said he was going to lay down he wasn't feeling to good,  He had knee surgery, so it was bothering him.  My Aunt and cousin we did some shopping.  My Aunt uses a walker and we walked for a while, and she did really good.  But she tired out pretty quick.

Rhonda and I decided to go out some more.  We stopped at the Coblentz Chocolate.  We had fun in the store.  From there we went to Hershberger's Truck Patch.  We decided to go into the the petting zoo part.  And you would have thought we were two little girls petting and feeding all of the animals.  Rhonda set down on a bench to rest a minute, and this little goat jumped up beside her.  I told her husband I was buying him a goat.  I did get him a stuffed goat, and a little toy goat for Rhonda to take back.

It was so much fun spending time with my Aunt, Uncle and Cousins.  We said we were going to have to do it again.

Re-connecting with my Cousin


So I went to Columbus for a weekend in January to spend sometime with my cousin, before she headed back to Florida.  My Aunt was getting ready to have surgery and move into assisted living.

I helped my Aunt and Cousin's start cleaning my Aunt & Uncle's house before they put it on the market.  As we were going through Longaberger Baskets, by Aunt gave me a basket that meant something to her.  I will cherish this basket forever.

Aunt Sissy

My cousin Sonya was at the house also,  We all laughed until we cried, My Aunt told us memories about when we were little.  And memories of my Mama (Grandmother) and her cooking, and baking.  My Aunt told me that is where Rhonda & I got out love for baking.

Saturday night Rhonda, Sonya and her husband Chris went out to eat at a pizza place.  We had so much fun spending time together.

On Sunday I got to meet Rhonda's new grandson.  He is so cute.  It was so funny to hear him try and talk.  I left Sunday afternoon to come home, it seems like the time went by way to fast.


So having friends in your life is a good thing.  You have someone that you can talk to, and someone who will do fun things with you.  So cherish your friends, and remember that just a simple "Hi" through texting can mean a lot.  So just reach out to your friends, and tell them HI!

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