The Chair

You are probably wondering about the chair, well I will tell you the story.  I took a trip to West Virginia, actually to Wayne County West Virginia.  This chair was sitting in a cemetery.  I wonder how many people have sat in that chair and cried because a loved one has passed away.  Or how many times have they sat at a grave and cried over a loved one.  How many times has that chair been used?  It leaves me to wonder.  What about you?

It’s Still About the Chair

I am still in wonder over this chair.  I feel like a little kid and I want to ask WHY?  So many question!  But I don’t have the answers..  I wish the chair could talk, and tell me it’s story.  I’m sure it would be a great story.  A story for generations to come.

The Cemetery on The Hill

This cemetery was on top of a hill, and most people that was buried there, most all of them had the same last name.  This must have been a family cemetery.  I’m sure plenty of tears have flown for this family that is buried here.



This is a picture of my Maggie.  March 22, 2013, she passed away.  I still miss her after 7 years.  To hear her run acRoss the floor, and bark at someone knocking on the door.  Maggie had been with me through thick and thin of my life.  She was their when I was down, she loved uncondiTionally,

She was such a little tiny thing when I brought her home.  It was like having a baby again, she would cry at night.  I would get up with her and take her outside to potty, and I would rock her in the rocker, and I would try to put her back in her crate.  Well after the third night she ended up in our bed, and you guessed it, this is where she stayed.

Maggie was very protective of me, she didn’t like it when Raymond would get close to me.  She was very protective over Kaillie, if Kaillie would be sleeping, she wouldn’t let anyone pick Kaillie up but me.

The week Maggie passed away in 2013 was one of the worse weeks ever.  On March 18, 2013 Raymond had a total right hip replacement.  Maggie passed away, On March 22, 2013, and the beginning of our Trailblazer trouble’s began.  The transmission went out.  I cried a lot that week.

Two Weeks Later

We received a phone call at 3:00 am, telling us that we had to get to Altman in Canton.  Ray’s dad had a heart attach, and they were getting ready to take him into open heart surgery.  We rushed to the hospital to see him before he headed into surgery.  Ray was still in a walker, and we were driving the Jeep not thinking we were going to make it.  We got to see his dad before surgery.  He came through surgery great.  But that was the beginning of our crazy life!

Our Life Continues

So as we thought that we had one issue resolved it seemed like something else would pop up.  Ray knew one Friday evening I had a bad week, so he thought we would head to Canton, to go to Golden Coral.  Well we still had the Jeep running, and we went.  Well on our way home we were at Route 30 and 94, and the Jeep stalled, and didn’t want to start.  I’m not sure how he got it going again, but we did.  The whole way home it kept acting up.  We thought for sure it was going to leave us along side the road.  I was never so glad to make it home.

Finally the Trailblazer came home, and my husband took it to go to therapy, and the transmission went out again!  He called me at work, and I headed out to get him.  Called the tow truck, and watched them load it up and take it away.  The place where we had it fixed at, apparently forgot something.  That evening I picked it up after work, and I got to the second hill on Emerson Rd.  Well you guessed it, The transmission went out again!  I barely made it home.

So the trailblazer went back again, and they had to replace again.  A Week later our trailblazer came home.  But before it came home, I had the Jeep at work, and I went to leave work, and as I pulled out on Kidron Rd.  The Jeep quit on me, I had a melt down.  To say the least.  I couldn’t get a hold of Ray, so I called a guy that works for him that had a trailer to load it up and take it home.  To this day I am so thankful for friends.

Leaving for Texas

We got the call that we needed to head to Texas.  My mother in law’s husband was not doing well.  I think we booked our flight on a Tuesday, and we Flew out on Thursday.  When we arrived in Dallas, we had a 2 hour drive to Marshal TX.  We didn’t know if we would make it before he passed away.  We got there and he was awake.  We spent Thursday night, all Day Friday, and Saturday Morning before he passed away.  

Don left a hole in our heart when he passed.  But we know he is in a better place and no longer in pain.  Love you Don until we meet again.

Once We Got Home

In August we headed to Mt. Hope and on our way down to Mt Hope our Trailblazer was acting up, so we decided not to stay.  And we headed home.  Well you guessed it, we didn’t make it home.  The transmission went out for the 3 time.  Called the town company, and I told them to put that vehicle sideways, so that they knew it needed to be the first vehicle done.  I think it took maybe 3 different transmission to get it right.

Not Our Year

This was not our year, but it had to get better.  Mind you Raymond had been off all of this time.  He didn’t got back to work until September 2013.  We were hoping for a better year in 2014,  

The End of 2013

I was glad to see 2013 come to an end.  Ray’s mom came home to Ohio to stay with us through the Holidays.  We were glad she was with us that first year. She brought her little dog Barney with her, so having Barney didn’t make it so hard not having Maggie around.  But no one can every take Maggie’s place.!

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