What Does Peace Mean to You?

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According to the dictionary it means “Freedom from Disturbance, Tranquility”. True Peace also can mean, "Personal wholeness, righteousness, political justice, and prosperity for all creation”

Wow that is a lot to think about.  I’m still trying to figure out my peace.  I know I will find it, but I just wonder when?  I know I have to look deep down inside, and figure it out.

I Found Part of My Peace


I know I found some of my peace, when I found the job that I have now.  I know when I met Jonas Troyer of Troyer Websites, that he had taken his dream, and made it a reality.  Making the decision to work for Troyer Websites was the beginning of finding my peace.  I can say I love going to work.  The team at Troyer Websites, we work together as a team, and everyone is always willing to help each other out.  

Jonas has taken his passion, and turned it into an awesome business.  I can say that I am happy working for this company.  I am happy I have gotten to know my co-workers, we can laugh together, and you truly know that each of us can work as a team!

Finding my Peace in my career choice has been awesome.  When you work for someone who treats all of his employees with respect.  The employees treat him with respect.

If you haven't tried working at a team at work, then you are not working at the right place.  "Team work makes the dream work".


Finding peace in just one area of my life, has made a big difference on my outlook in life.

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