Among all of the Panic

As of today, the panic continues here in Ohio, over the Corona Virus.  People are buying toilet paper, like their is no tomorrow.  Do I worry if I will get it?  No I don’t.  I know I am a person who has a compromised immune system.  I have had Asthma for numerous years.

But yet I’m not going to panic.  People are saying that they are surviving this virus, so I figure I can to.  But I worry about the elderly out there.  I’m glad that they have closed the nursing homes to visitors, but I now that they will get lonely with no visitors.  So I encourage everyone to send someone you know that is elderly a card.

Start A Card Shower

If you know of someone that is in a nursing home, send them a card so they know that they are still loved.  Just because you can’t see them right now, you will be able to see them soon.  Even if someone is in your church, send them a card to brighten their day.  As many churches are closed for this Sunday, and possibly future Sunday’s.  Make a card, or send them a funny card.  It will brighten their day.

Back to Feeling Blessed


You are probably wondering why I am feeling blessed.  This year I got to re-connect with my cousin Rhonda.  And I can say I am blessed to be cousins.  I love spending time with her.  I am hoping to head to Florida in April, and spend a week with her and her husband David.

So I am hoping that this Corona Virus is gone by then.  I’m looking forward to just hanging out.  Rhonda has found some old pictures of us when we were kids, that is so funny to look at.  I will be posting those pictures as soon as I get them uploaded.  But cherish your Cousins, after all they were your first friend!


The Goat Whisperer

My cousin Rhonda became the goat whisperer this past October.  We went to a petting zoo together, acting like 12 year old kids.  This was a day that we made memories.  These memories I will cherish.  I look forward to making more memories with my cousin Rhonda and her husband David.  I am looking forward to going and spending some time with them this year.

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