Watching the Sunset


It's hard to believe that our stay here at the farm is coming to an end.  We arrived here on December 26th to spend time with family for the Christmas Holiday.  

Or family began our journey on December 25th in the morning.  We drove half way, and stopped in Princeton WV.  We had picnic lunch on the way at a rest area outside of Charleston WV.  For supper, nothing was open but a Shoney's to eat at.  So that is what we had for Christmas Dinner.

We began our next day with anticipation at arriving at Honey Grove Farm, looking forward to seeing Andrew and his family.

Family arriving from California

California Family & mom

Thursday evening Bruce and his family finally arrived after a long day travel.  There was so much noise and hugs going around.  The entire family hasn't been together since September 2013.

We settled in for the evening, with Chef Andrew at the ready, making us a wonderful meal of Wedding Soup.  We were soon tired an settled into our rooms for the night.

Watching the Sun come Up

While most everyone was still nestled in there beds, we sat outside and watched the sun rise, listening to the rooster crow.  Enjoying some quiet time before our busy day began

As everyone started to get up, we had already planned breakfast, and it was started by Chef Andrew.  We had the best bacon ever, along with wonderful french toast.

Chef Andres

Accidents that Happened

Our first accident happened after breakfast, as my mother-in-law was going to the kitchen to take her plate back, and she fell, broke the plate, and she had some injuries. So she has been sidelined for the rest of the trip, not being able to go out and enjoy the walks.

As the guys headed out to get supplies; so that we could get her all bandaged up. My sister-in-law was in the kitchen doing dishes, and as she picked up a dish from the sink,  she saw a mouse, and as I looked up, and heard her scream, and  Kim tried to jump over the the dishwasher door, she fell. So that was accident #2. Kim was ok, she only ended up with a scratch.

Friday Night Game Night

Ax Throwing

Friday evening was game night, one of our games were to throw and Ax at the target.  Don't worry the Ax was a Nerf Ax with velcro on it.  We all took turns throwing, and I can tell you I was not the winner of that game.

Our next game was called the Saran Wrap ball game.  I didn't know that this family was so competitive in playing games.  We yelled and cheered for each other as we were playing this game.  It ended well, everyone ended up with some goodies to take home.  Addie was the big prize winner of a $20.00 bill and a gift card for Panera Bread.

Grandpa Larry taught us how to play some card games.  Fun was had by all, and it was a late night again for us.

Next year they want me to make 2 of the Saran Wrap balls to play.

Saturday Fun

Chef Andreew

Saturday was a day filled with fun and laughter.  Chef Andrew was at it again, cooking breakfast of Buckwheat pancakes or waffles and of course bacon.  

old tractor
just us

We spent the day walking around the farm, and exploring to see what we could find.  Finding treasures and taking lots of picture.  After all the walking, I do believe that many naps were taken.


Saturday Night College Football Fun

Saturday evening the College playoff games were on.  The first game I think everyone was wanting LSU to win.  Which they did.  Then came the OSU vs Clemson game.  Everyone (but me) were rooting for OSU, it was a hard loss for the OSU fans.

Beautiful Weather

the boys

Who would of imagined December 26, 27, 28 & 29 we were not wearing coats, we had short sleeves on, and some of us barefoot.  The weather was beautiful hitting a high of 76 that week.  It was better than Ohio weather.

Journey Home


Sunday as we headed home, it was a sad goodbye.  Grandma started crying in the morning when she first got up, as she doesn't like to say goodbye to anyone.  We decided that we will do this again next Christmas.  But in the mean time I think we are planning another family get together the end of May thru the first week of June in Savannah GA,

The crew

Arrival in Ohio

We arrived back in Ohio around noon on Monday.  We were all tired from our trip as we were on the go a lot.  But fun was had by all.