Turning 55 this Year

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Hard to believe that on Sunday Groundhog Day.  I will be turning 55.  So as I sit and wonder days before the big day, I wonder how I made it to this year.

When I was younger growing up I always thought 55 was old.  Now that I will be turning 55 it's not so old anymore.  Then I start to wonder, how many people will remember that Sunday Feb. 2 is my birthday.  I love birthdays, but it seems like some people don't like birthdays.

It reminds me that I am alive.  There is a reason why I am here, sometimes I don't know that reason, but I'm sure that I will figure that out.  Maybe I will never figure that out.  I don't know.

Where I am in My Life


This year I will be married for 20 years.  To the most amazing man in my life.  I never thought I would ever have this but I do.  

This last year I believe I have found the right job for me, and my calling in life.  I began working at Troyer Websites in October.  I love doing blogging, and SEO work for companies.  I didn't realize I had the gift.  Don't get me wrong I still love having my little business on the side, and I will never give those clients up.  As those clients are family to me.

I have gone on vacations with them to Florida, and I have had the time of my life with them.  They make me laugh.  They treat me with respect.  I love spending time with them.  I always look forward to seeing them and spending time.  I have come to know their children, and I love spending time with all of the Kids.  I watched the oldest get married, to the second start dating, to the youngest learning English.  So I consider them my family.

Goals for Turning 55

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I have set some goals for myself this year.  I am setting my goals to getting healthier, and spending more time taking pictures, and making videos.  I would love to head back to NC for a long weekend.  Or take a trip to Florida and spend time on the beach.  I would also like to go to Florida and spend some time with my cousin and her husband.  I would also like to find my path with God.

I'm trying not to set my goals to high, but I think I have set some good ones.

So as Sunday approaches I will be one year older, maybe wiser.  But I know I am much happier.  I let you know after Sunday what the weather is going to do for the next 6 weeks.  Since I was born on Groundhog's Day.  

So for now Happy Birthday to me! And looking forward to more years in my life.

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