So today I turned 55 and I survived​

Well the ground hog said spring will be here soon.  And I think I agree with him. Spent the Weekend at my favorite cabin Wildwood Hill Cabin  I recommend staying there if you can.  No internet no TV just peace and quiet.

A hot tub sits on the back deck, where you can watch the birds, and deer.  We saw 3 this morning.  It was so relaxing sitting in front of a fire, and just saying awe.  I need the get away from the everyday of Internet and TV.  Something about being at the cabin just relaxes you.  I look forward to going Bach in April for my 20th wedding anniversary.

Eating Cake

We had cake from Miss Amy’s Bakery  I definitely recommend getting a cake from them.  It was very yummy.  Check them out they are open Tuesday - Saturday.

Getting back in the Grove

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So as I start this new journey of Healthy lifestyle, and just finding my peace.  I will keep you up dated.  I hope to post at lest twice a week.  So as I finish off 02/02/2020 as they call this a palindrome.  And it’s Groundhogs day.  I say to all of you Embrace your inter beauty, and live!  Nothing like turning 55 to tell you that you are alive.

So as I end this post, turning 55 isn’t so bad.  Let’s see what the next 20 years bring.

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