Feeling Blessed

Feeling Blessed

Among all of the PanicAs of today, the panic continues here in Ohio, over the Corona Virus.  People are buying toilet paper, like their is no tomorrow.  Do I worry if I will get it?  No I don’t.  I know I am a person who has a compromised immune system.  I have had Asthma for …

Finding Peace

Finding Peace In Life

What Does Peace Mean to You?According to the dictionary it means “Freedom from Disturbance, Tranquility”. True Peace also can mean, “Personal wholeness, righteousness, political justice, and prosperity for all creation”Wow that is a lot to think about.  I’m still trying to figure out my peace.  I know I will find it, but I just wonder …

Finding Peace

Putting Life Into Perspective

Life isn’t GuaranteedSometimes you have to sit back and look at life.  It isn’t guaranteed.  You never know what can happen.When you get the phone call that someone you know had a stroke,  You just start thinking about your own health.  Is my headache just a headache.  Is that annoying eye twitch, just a twitch? …

Finding Peace Friends

Living Life

Leaving the Big HouseWe moved from the big house, which we lived in for 9 years.  It was a sad day when we had to leave.  I’ll try and start from when we moved in.  In September 2009, we found this house on Kansas Rd to rent.We moved in September 2009, and we fell in …

So Pretty

Having fun With Friends

Having FriendsDoes anyone know what the definition of a friend is?  Well according to the dictionary is means:  “A person whom one knows and with whom now has a bond of mutual affection”.Do you Have a True Friend?My husband is my true friend.  Their isn’t anything that I can’t tell him.  This year in April …

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Fun Trips

Taking Fun Trips

Taking Fun TripsIn the past couple of years I have taken a few fun trips.  September of 2018, a friend and I headed to Sarasota Florida.  Our plane trip went great, then when we landed in Tampa, and pick up our rental can, we ended up with a White 2018 Mustang Convertible.Boy that was an …

Finding Peace

Hanging On and Letting Go

Hanging On and Letting GoWhen do you know to let go?  When do you know when to keep hanging on?  One Sunday this was our message at church.   “Letting Go”.  I know it is better to let go, and move on.  Sometimes though it is hard to let go.  So Let’s Talk About Letting GoI …

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Turned 55 and Survived

So today I turned 55 and I survived​​Well the ground hog said spring will be here soon.  And I think I agree with him. Spent the Weekend at my favorite cabin Wildwood Hill Cabin Wildwoodhillcabin.com  I recommend staying there if you can.  No internet no TV just peace and quiet.A hot tub sits on the …